workshop - Kuwait chapter 2016


Indian Learners Own Academy organized a two-day workshop for the Kuwait chapter schools at the auditorium of ILOA on the 8th and 9th October 2016.



The theme of this seminar was “ THE LEARNER- KEY TO SCHOOL EXCELLENCE .” The resource person was Dr. Senthil Kumar, who is the Co-founder and Chief Confluencer of The Learners Confluence. The host institution invited –Mr Sunil Jain, the Honourable Ambassador of India to Kuwait as the chief guest for the inaugural ceremony.

The auditorium was illumined with intellectuals on the 8th October 2016. The inaugural ceremony commenced with the lighting of the lamp by His Excellency- Mr Sunil Jain. HonourablePrincipal and Convener of council of CBSE schools,Kuwait chapter -Mrs Asha Sharma, introduced the esteemed chief guest and the resource person. She also welcomed all the dignitaries and participants from various Indian schools of Kuwait. Mr D.K. Sharma, the chairman of ILOA also graced the occasion.

His excellency- Mr Sunil Jain  addressed the gathering and felt honoured to be the chief guest. He also stressed on the need to extend quality education for the growing Indian community in Kuwait, and congratulated Mrs Asha Sharma for organizing this workshop. The inaugural ceremony concluded with a photo session. The host institution ensured that every aspect of the event was organized with great care.

The first day session began after a tea break and handouts were given to all the participants.

MrSenthil Kumar started the session by introducing the ABC of education system:-


B-  Building competency and capabilities

C-  Change

Each school should have a VMV ie.Vision Mission Values.

Dr. Senthil further elaborated that for any institution to bring about a positive change, we should have uniqueness in our practices. To achieve this, we must follow the formula –

4A+ 2I = C, where the 4 A’s are awareness, assessment, acceptance and attitude. The 2 I’s arei=individual & I= Institution. This will lead to C= change.

The following points were also included:-

·        Learning should be continual and not continuous.

·        Institutions should identify individuals from time to time.

·        Institutions should check their lesson plans and keep modifying(if required) from time to time.

·        Examination committee should make a note about the errors in the question papersand be careful next time.

·        Worksheets should be personalized and according to the level of each child.

·        Repeated behaviour and pattern to be changed by teachers.


Before the lunch break, an interesting activity named ‘Bingo’ was conducted. This helped all the participants to know more about each other. Each one enjoyed a lot and then proceeded for a lunch break. After a wonderful lunch, Mr. Senthil started the next topic-

The Learner- Bridging Expectations & Needs.”Dr. Senthil expressed that, to know about the learner, it is important to have the parental profile. He made the session very interactive and following points were discussed:-

·        Evolving of child is the process of learning and learning happens through the practices of school.

·        Opportunities should be given to a child to improve their performance.

·        Let students take responsibility for their own work. This will help them to evolve.

·        Every child needs some motivation to succeed.


Day 2, began with the topic on Empowering the Learner- Tools & Strategies.

Co-operative learning:- We must create space for co-operative learning.

To show the importance and effect of co-operative learning, teachers were asked to perform a hilarious activity wherein teachersformed  groups to perform-skit, role play, story writing , poetry writing and enacting etc.

The following points were also covered :-

·        Let students be exposed to problems and let them learn to find the solution.

·        Teachers should ask open ended questions.

·        Use technology appropriately and to a limit. Do not overuse it.

·        Plan for a desired objective.

·        A teacher should get connected to the learner emotionally.

·        Form an obituary- A personal vision for yourself.


Finally the session concluded with a very meaningful statement-  “STOP TEACHING AND START REACHING.”

 Mrs. Asha Sharma graciously thanked all the participants for being a part of the seminar and requested one member from each school to express their views about the workshop.

Dr.Senthil Kumar accorded the certificates to each participant who attended the workshop.


The workshop was indeed a wonderful learning experience. A very interactive session with lot of examples given from our day to day life and also from the schools around the globe. It's time for us to pull up our socks and start introspecting ourselves.