Genesis & Growth

The idea of forming an association of the Heads of CBSE Schools in the Gulf was raised first in Bahrain, during an informal meeting held at the Indian School. Bahrain under the dynamic leadership of Late Mr. Atma Jashanmal.

During the 2nd National Conference of CBSE Schools held at Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi in 1986, seven Principals from the Gulf who attended this Conference decided to form the Gulf Sahodaya Complex. They included Dr. Moti Prakash (Dubai) Mr. M. Joshi (Kuwait), Mr. Leo Lobo (Muscat), Mr. Oscar Henderson (Dubai), Mr. B K Mohammed Kunhi (Doha), Mr. V K Kaul (Abu Dhabi) , Mr. K N N Pillai (Sharjah) and Mrs. Neelam Upadhyay (Al Ain)


Objectives of the Gulf Council

1.  To promote the areas of co-operation among the member schools.


2.  To share expertise, publish / circulate relevant material / literature to help in mutual growth in the true spirit of Sahadoya.


3.  To organize cultural, literary, educational, art, sport and other curricular activities / festivals etc. at area / country / regional level to foster healthy competitive spirit among the students of the member schools and create understanding for the rich heritage of multi-dimensional Indian and Arab cultures.


4.  To discuss the common problems of the member schools and find / suggest ways and means for their redressal.


5.  To conduct Joint Examinations for Classes IX and XI or for any other class as decided by the member schools.


6.  To organize / conduct In-Service Training Programme / Seminars / Workshops for the benefit of the teachers / staff working in the member schools and convene Annual / Periodical Conference of the Heads of Schools.


7.  To undertake any other activity conducive to the upliftment of education.